A Book Series

COMING SOON (and FREE)  – Book 1 in a New Trilogy

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Strong men.  Strong women.  Difficult times.

In Ontario in the 21st century, anarchy is in the wind.  The Canadian government has collapsed. and crime and terror dominate everyday life.  In an attempt to regain the initiative and restore stability, Caroline Marcus, the interim Premier of Ontario hires operational specialists from a foreign private military company – what some people call… Mercenaries!  Steven Grace, a former Canadian special forces operator is one of them.  Though highly competent and experienced, Grace has a sullied past.  His return to a now-chaotic Ontario forces him and his team to take on some dangerous missions, but it also offers him a hope of gaining redemption –  from his former country, from a father who has forsaken him… and from Alexis Hood,  the Premier’s chief of staff and the former love of his life whom he left behind.

Grace and Redemption – Book 2 is scheduled to be available in late summer/fall 2022.


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